Electric Supercars Could Be One of Your Dream Cars Part 1

For some, cars are much more than merely a method of transport. Much of the stereotypical gearhead backlash against electric and hybrid vehicles is to do with the perception that the vehicles are transportation for tree huggers, hippies and people who believe that people shouldn’t have fun. It’s nonsense of course, and there are plenty of gearheads who like green vehicles, and green vehicle advocates who want a bit of fun from their cars. That’s why we’re stoked by electric supercars. So here are five electric supercars you may want to have in your garage.

Tesla Roadster

The Tesla Roadster is unique in this company in that it’s not a concept or a vehicle in development, but a real vehicle that real people are driving on real roads.

It may be based on Lotus Elise but the acceleration figures are pure supercar, and few would doubt its credentials after a few minutes behind the wheel. To top that, it also has a usable range (200 miles isn’t out of the question) and touts eye-catching looks–just what you want from a supercar.

Rimac Concept One

Super cars often have super price tags, and the Concept One from Croatian maker Rimac is no exception. A tag of $980,000 is enough to make you wince, and that’s before the four-motor electric vehicle sends 1,088 horsepower to the road.

Range is more than most supercars offer too, including those powered by internal combustion. 372 miles is on offer, though probably not if you’re constantly using all that power. It’s certainly supercar-rare–only 88 will be sold, and many have already been snapped up.

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