Have You Heard of Sunglasses Made from Castor Bean Oil?

Sustainable sunglasses are a hot topic nowadays. We’ve seen sunglasses made from recycled stainless steel, repurposed plastic, and bamboo, but castor bean oil? This plant-based resin is new to the eco-accessory scene. But Zeal Optics is tapping, what they call, “Z-Resin,” for all frames in their 2013 collection of men’s and women’s sunglasses, which come in styles that will suit anyone who wants to balance function and fashion.

Thanks to their light weight and snug fit, Zeal’s sunglasses are built to be worn out in the world and are best for an active lifestyle. And if a strut down the street is the most activity you see, then the fashion-forward “Darby” and “Hadley” will do the trick.

Based in Boulder, Colorado, Zeal aims to incorporate sustainable practices into their everyday operations. They use Forest Stewardship Council certified paper when possible and recently moved their headquarters to a newly-renovated space that was constructed using beetle kill wood. “We create products that need to make a positive impact on the environment, because our lifestyle depends on it,” Joe Prebich, Zeal’s director of marketing, said in a press release. “Preserving the environment we enjoy every day will always be a priority for Zeal.”

Zeal is positioning their brand as “the only sunglasses line in the world with every frame built out of a plant-based resin.” The key words being “every frame.” Zeal Optics 2013 collection will be available in stores and at ZealOptics.com come September 1st.

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