Rechargeable Canless Air System Replaces Toxic Dust Remover

Whether it’s for work or pleasure, our laptops accompany us everywhere, providing instant access to the files and websites we hold most dear. All of this mobility puts these precious devices in the path of lots of dust, dirt, hair, and crumbs, which inevitably find their way into the nooks and crannies of the keyboard. For years now, computer owners have relied on canned dust removal products to blast these microscopic particles out of their hiding places. But have you ever looked at the label on one of these cans?

In the United States, most canned air uses chemicals like difluoroethane, trifluoroethane, and tetrafluoroethane – known as hydroflourocarbons and these chemicals emit harmful gases into the atmosphere. One can has 3,000 times the effect on the atmosphere than carbon dioxide and the equivalent of burning 100 gallons of gasoline. And you’re discharging it just a few inches from your face. The CEO of the Hurricane Canless Air Systems identified this problem and offers a simple solution that’s cheaper and safer.

Instead of using a mix of various gases like most canned air products, the O2 Hurricane electronically compresses the air and blasts it onto the surface being dusted. Not only does this prevent harmful pollutants from being released into the atmosphere, the reusable device also eliminates the need to dispose of a can when the contents run out. The estimated number of cans of canned air that are disposed of in landfills annually is the equivalent of 140,000 vehicles, and that’s bad for everyone.

Also unlike its toxic competitors, the O2 Hurricane provides more sustainable power than canned air, delivering over 18 minutes of continuous use per charge. Typical canned air lasts for only 6-8 seconds before slowing down or freezing. According to the product’s website, one charge of its rechargeable nickel metal hydride batteries is equal to over 25 cans of canned air.

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