Turn Your Plastic Bottle Into A Cell Phone Charging Station Today!

Ashley from Make It Love was tired of leaving her cell phone on the floor while it charged. The phone got grungy and it was sort of an eyesore. She decided to get crafty and do something about it! Her solution? An upcycled cell phone charging station made from a plastic bottle!

In her tutorial, she shows you how to transform an old plastic bottle into a cute cell phone charger that hangs right from the outlet! She used a lotion bottle but pretty much any plastic bottle that’s big enough to hold your phone will do the trick. This project is simple! Click here to check out more pictures and the complete how-to!

What I like about this charging station is not only that it’s upcycled but by hanging the phone right by the plug, you’ll be more likely to remember to unplug that charger when it’s done powering up your phone.

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2 thoughts on “Turn Your Plastic Bottle Into A Cell Phone Charging Station Today!

  1. I love this! Household arts and crafts that create products with old waste has been something we have been doing since we were kids. It is really neat to see that we can incorporate this in our lives now. The idea of up cycling such bottles to create functional uses is really a smart one. I seem to hoard everything i own expecting to find some surprise use out of it, but a little searching on the interney can turn these items into functional and cost-efficient products! T


  2. Sabrina Tse on said:

    Wow! This is so creative!! I have the same situation , leaving my phone on the floor and it got many scratch mark and I have lots of these bottle at home. This is inspirational and creative way to encourage people to perform uprecyling. Reusing the empty bottles and increasing the value is the most direct and easiest way for the consumers to partake in the sustainability movement. Do you have any idea what kind of paints she used to paint her bottles? And how long is the decoration going to wear out? Because I am thinking to make myself one . : )

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