Sustainable Diaper Cleaning System

Did you know that it takes 3.5 billion gallons of oil as well as 250,000 trees to produce 18 billion throwaway diapers used annually in the United States alone? (According to industry data from Franklin Associates and the American Petroleum Institute)

This is a shocking waste of resources!! So many eco-conscious families opt for cloth diapers that can be washed and reused. But most parents will tell us that adding 2 to 5 extra loads of laundry to their list of weekly chores is far from ideal. Plus, washing and drying these diapers in a conventional machine can takes its toll on the utility bill as well. While more efficient standalone diaper washers already exist, most are highly labor intensive, lack hot or cold cycles, awkward to use, or less than aesthetically pleasing. But what about this one here?

The Swish is a sphere-shaped washer system that combines the advantages of both front and top loading washers.Photovoltaic and solar thermal collectors are used to power the washer’s motors and efficiently heat the water. The Swish also uses a closed life cycle, allowing the grey water to grow soapnuts  that can be used to sanitize the next load of diapers. This little toy will surely come as a relief to those who have always been put off by the extra work and potential sick factor of cloth diapers.

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