You don’t need to feed this mouse!

The wireless computer mouse that we are using is indeed a handy way to navigate the web on our laptops without giving ourselves a carpal tunnel. But the battery the mouse uses sadly isn’t doing anything good for the environment. So is there a mouse that does not need battery and still function properly? The answer is yes!

Genius’s has recently launched a new mouse which is believed to be the world’s first battery-free wireless mouse. This mouse does not require any wasteful batteries. Inside of it has a set of heavy lithium-ions with an electric double-layer ultra-capacitor that requires no more than a quick, three minute charge each day to keep scrolling and clicking smoothly. Surprisingly, the device is good for 100,000 charges!

The mouse features a bi-directional 2.4GHz connection that creates a long leash mousing activities. An anti-interference mechanism helps to ensure uninterrupted functionality and smoothness, regardless of whoever may be working around at the coffee shop using whatever other wireless mouse.

This mouse works without a hitch on typically problematic surfaces as dusted glass, marble, carept, and even the sofa. So lounge away, mouse users!

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