Using bamboo as a speaker!

Nowadays, people see anything made of bamboo as green and sustainable and it is often treated as one of the most eco-friendly options. Since bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants and it can be harvested without the need for replanting, it is becoming more popular for use in many things such as wood flooring, furniture, and even products paired with electronics. Examples include hand-crafted bamboo iPhone cases, bamboo MacBook cases, and even a bamboo paneled electric scooter. The use has taken one step further and Bamboo is now being used not only to enhance the look of the electronics, but to enhance a device’s sound as well.

This iBamboo speaker is unlike any traditional speakers we may have seen. There are no wires, woofers or built-in bass in this device. Technically,  it’s not really an electronic device at all. The iBamboo iSpeaker is simply a piece of bamboo with both ends being carved out and an open slot at the top in which your iPhone can fit inside. According to the designers, the natural resonance of the hollow bamboo amplifies sound, “making it an ideal material for making an all-natural, no-power-needed iPhone amplifier.”

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One thought on “Using bamboo as a speaker!

  1. crystalhorseonthetable on said:

    this looks so cool! i wonder how well it works as a speaker!

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